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A perfect garden for the URBAN GARDENER! This Red Cedar Wood Raised Garden Bed is just the right size for a small yard. A great little raised bed URBAN GARDEN BOX for the city dweller, patio or yard with little space. This small bed makes an excellent herb garden, or strawberry patch.

           3 foot x 4 foot x 11-inches deep  (approximately)

Maybe you live in a condo and have a small sunny patio, the URBAN GARDEN BOX is perfect for a few tomato plants! Single, elderly and looking for a small manageable garden- the URBAN GARDENER is just the right size for you. And it is Easy Assembly!

At 3 foot x 4 foot x 11-inches deep, this bed is an URBAN GARDENER'S dream come true. All the benefits of a large raised garden bed, just smaller. And of course, all of our Raised Beds are made of 100% Non-Toxic materials - just "natural" unstained Red Cedar. Made in the USA!                                                                                                                                                             

  • URBAN GARDEN BOX DETAILDurable, quality construction
  • Organic construction of quality Red Cedar Wood
  • Dado corners are all pre-drilled for Easy Assembly
  • Size 3 ft x 4 ft & 11-inches high  (approximately)
  • Weight: 17 lbs.

Price: $180.00 plus S & H    
Ships in 2-5 business days
# 3611 cci                                                                                                                                   Dado Joint Corners

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