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VERTICAL CONTAINER GARDENIntroducing the VERTICAL CONTAINER GARDEN, specially designed for the URBAN GARDENER. This raised bed garden is made for the sole purpose of GARDENING SMALL SPACES Our top selling Urban Garden!

FINALLY, a garden for the urbanite who wants to grow healthy food in a small space. This is a beautiful Cedar Raised Bed that utilizes your city space to the maximum!  VERTICAL CONTAINER GARDENING is smart gardening, and is quickly catching on all around the country. Made of All Natural, Non-Toxic material - Unstained , Untreated Western Red Cedar Wood. Perfect for your Organic Garden plans!!

      4 feet wide x 3 feet deep -  3 feet high  (approximately)

This is a VERY UNIQUE garden bed. It has 7 planting tiers, plus, seed holes in the front of each tier. That means you can plant single stem plants in the seed holes like cucumbers, peppers, and beans.  You will want to grow tall plants like tomatoes on the top tier. Shorter plants on down.......

As you become more acquainted with your VERTICAL CONTAINER GARDEN,  you will soon find a planting strategy that is "all your own".  In no time at all , you will become the envy of all  URBAN GARDENER'S in your neighborhood. Your urban micro-garden will stand out ABOVE the rest!

This garden bed can optimally hold 54 plants. Some assembly required,  comes with instructions. The VERTICAL CONTAINER GARDEN is low maintenance and extremely manageable for the individual on the go. Fresh Organic Produce awaits you NOW........... Apartment and condominium dwellers, this one's FOR YOU!  Comes with  FREE SHIPPING!

Note: Your vertical container garden will need to face the south. (southern exposure needed) 

Please do not allow children to climb on your container garden.  This could cause damage to both children and your container garden!!   ;o)

Features ~

  • Family business - Made in the USA
  • Perfect for the URBAN GARDENER
  • Small size for minimal space
  • Optimum capacity 54 plants
  • Excellent for Organic Herbs, Vegetables or Flowers
  • Size:  3 feet high, 4 feet wide. 3 feet deep
  • Made of Non-Toxic material - Unstained Western Red Cedar
  • Some assembly required
  • Durable, long lasting construction
  • Includes shipping!
  • Seven layers of produce stacked into a four foot by three foot space!
  • Barely a weed will grow
  • Unique holes located on the front of each panel maximizes use of all available space.
  • You will need a southern exposure
  • All Hardware included
  • Structural wood screws. Galvanized corrosion resistant ACQ Approved!
  • Holds 24 to 26 cubic feet of soil

*  It is recommended that you use an electric drill for quick and easy assembly.

Price: $360.00    Free Shipping       
Ships in 7-10 business days
#3248 ug-cci


                   Seed Hole                         Dado joint corners

Seed Hole   Construction Detail


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