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Plastic Raised Bed Garden Kit - "G" Series - (#GF)

Plastic Raised Bed Garden KitAdd a garden anywhere!  Rocky soil, utility wires underground, no sun except for on the driveway - No Problem. Raised above the normal ground level, your RAISED BED GARDEN KIT will allow for an instant, inexpensive, no toil garden. Your raised bed garden allows you to lay the groundwork for a healthy and productive garden.

When using a raised bed on a patio or driveway, just line the frame with landscape fabric, add 2-3" of stone or gravel for drainage, add your growing mix, add seeds or plants, and you're on your way!!

  ***  10.5" Deep for Vegetable Gardens  -  5.25"  for Flower Gardens.

The Guarden brand raised-bed frames, mini-greenhouses and pest protection systems are hands down the best in the marketplace. No other frames come close in strength or even in thickness!  Great for School Gardens, Community Gardens.

Features -

  • Plastic Raised Bed Garden KitPush-in fasteners and pre-drilled holes for simple, quick assembly.
  • Heavy -duty vinyl.
  • Boards are 1-3/4" thick
  • UV Protected
  • Maintenance-free
  • Made in the USA!
  • Will not rot, fade or crack
  • Open bottom for unlimited root depth
  • Converts into a Mini Greenhouse by adding on a separately sold Greenhouse Cover System.
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
  • Supports recycling & Eco-friendly, green lifestyle choice
  • ABSOLUTELY TOXIC FREE - nothing to leach into soil

** Plastic material used is recycled milk jugs (high-density polyethylene - HDPE. One of the safest, cleanest plastics around.

GF2448D Raised Bed Garden Kit 2'x4'x10.5" $139.95


GF2448S Raised Bed Garden Kit 2'x4'x5.25" $89.95


GF3672D Raised Bed Garden Kit 3'x6'x10.5" $189.95


GF3672S Raised Bed Garden Kit 3'x6'x5.25" $119.95


GF4848D Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x4'x10.5" $179.95


GF4848S Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x4'x5.25" $119.95


GF4872D Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x6'x10.5" $199.95


GF4872S Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x6'x5.25" $129.95


GF4896D Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x8'x10.5" $229.95


GF4896S Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x8'x5.25" $139.95


** Standard depth 5.25"
** Extra Deep 10.50"

If you would like to add a Cover System to this bed:  Cover Systems for Existing Raised Beds.

If you need pest netting or a replacement cover:  Pest Netting and Greenhouse Replacement Covers.

** Note:  Cover Systems, Pet Netting & Greenhouse Replacement Covers are all part of the "G" Series Raised Bed Garden Kits.

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