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REDWOOD FENCED RAISED GARDEN KIT -  8' x 8'The CEDAR FENCED RAISED GARDEN KITS for the HOME GARDENER  are truly the "Cadillac" of backyard RAISED BED GARDENS! A complete garden kit, this is the 8' x 8' size. **  Free shipping  **

Made in the USA with Cedar Wood, This 8' x 8' x 20" garden provides approximately 45 square feet of planting space, and is perfect for a family of four.

Even an avid HOME GARDENER of one, would enjoy this beautiful spacious garden bed.  Makes for a great hobby with plenty of produce to share!

Product Features:

  • Quality Made in the USA - Made of 1" thick durable Cedar boards
  •  20" High Growing Beds - Easy on the back. No more rabbits!!
  • 34" High Fencing - Fence sections are 34 inches high. They are backed with black plastic mesh. The Gate is also backed with black plastic mesh, and re-enforced with wire grid for strength. Come pre-assembled
  • 5'8" Built-in Trellis - Squash, pole beans, peas and cucumbers have a sturdy built-in trellis.
  • Raised Bed Garden Kit PlanAll Hardware included - weight 375 lbs.
  • Assembly takes about 4 hours - No digging required - This beautiful FENCED RAISED GARDEN KIT sits on top of your lawn.
  • Everything you need to be a successful gardener: Beds, Fence, Trellis, and optional Irrigation System!


  • Automatic Watering System – Timer waters your garden for you, includes timer and all fittings. Comes with soaker hose and sprayer!

Optional Automatic Watering System --

Irrigation auto watering hose soaker hose

On the side back corner of the garden, an automatic soaker hose watering system makes watering simple. A garden hose can be connected to the unit, or the hose adaptor can be removed and the irrigation unit tied into your existing irrigation system with piping. The Soaker Hose & Coiled Garden Hose are Included!

Automatic Watering System $180   (sold separately)


You can set this HOME GARDEN up yourself or you may want to enlist the help of a handy man. Assembly can take 4 hours, and adding the soil - 2.6 cubic yards will take additional time. Of course, no digging is required – the entire FENCED RAISED GARDEN KIT sits on top of your lawn.

Note:  Any soil will be fine for the first 8" of your bed. You can fill with gravel, rocks or wood chips. The top 12" should be good quality soil, and any soil amendments should be mixed in to the top 6".


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Price: $1,315.00

Item #RF8x8
Ships in 2-3 wks.-normally - Could take longer during "PEAK" season - Made to order. Ships on a pallet  


Purchase additional options:  Watering System ships separately

Automatic Watering System $180  Quantity:

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